Captain's Outing winner Gerard Stewart, runner up Terry Doherty, third place went to Ronnie Wiley with Vice-Captain Frankie Houston. The winner of the Brian Patton Memorial Day was Brian Forrester with the runner up John McGillian, Kate Miller, Jimmy Patton and club captain Pat McAneny The winner of Mr Stewart McFeeters Presidents day was Martin Finlay pictured with the President and the Presidents wife Carole. The winner of Mrs Maura McBeth Lady President's Day was Lisa Patton with the Lady President. Lady Captain's Day winner, Annette Patton with Lady Captain Mrs Patricia Kelly

Club Officials - 2017

Mr Pat McAneny

Mr Stewart McFeeters

Mr Brian Brolly

Mr Frankie Houston

Lady Captain:
Mrs Patricia Kelly

Lady President:
Mrs Maura McBeth

Lady Vice-Captain:
Mrs Mary O'Reilly

Hon. Secretary:
Mr Senan Roarty

Hon. Asst. Secretary:
Mr Peter Doherty

Hon. Treasurer:
Mr Brian Brolly

Hon. Comp. Secretary:
Mr Patrick McCrossan

Greens Convenor:
Mr Freddie Patterson

Entertainments Convenor:
Mr Tommy Forbes

House Convenor:
Mr Francie Devine

Junior Convenors:
Mr Freddie Patterson

Head Green Keeper:
Mr Paul McFadden

Office Secretary:
Mrs Claire Keys
Mrs Carole McFeeters

Mr Tommy Forbes

Head Bar Steward:
Mr Stephen Kennedy

Bar Steward:
Mr Damian McGranaghan

Course Guide

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1st Hole – Par 4

338 meters
Par 4
SI 3

1st hole image

Notes 1st:

Tight driving hole. Out of bounds on the left and trees on the right.  The green is guarded by bunkers left and right.

2nd Hole – Par 3

144 meters
Par 3
SI 13

2nd hole image

Notes 2nd:

Medium length par 3 with trees right and run-off to the left and back of the green. Three bunkers short, left and right.

3rd Hole – Par 4

424 meters
Par 4
SI 1

3rd hole image

Notes 3rd:

S.I. 1. Long straight par 4. Out-of-bounds all the way up the left with trees on the right. The green is guarded by one bunker, on the front right corner.

4th Hole – Par 4

385 meteres
Par 4
SI 5

4th hole image

Notes 4th:

Downhill par 4. Out-of-bounds all the way down the left. The green is guarded by a large bunker 5 yards short with two other bunkers one left and one right.

5th Hole – Par 5

466 meters
Par 5
SI 9

5th hole image

5th Notes:

Uphill par 5. Approach to green narrows and is guarded by 2 bunkers. The one on the right is well short of the green and the other is on the front left. Danger on the left of the green as there is a steep run-off area which leads to heavy rough.

6th Hole – Par 4

296 meters
Par 4
S I 17

6th hole image

6th Notes:

Short par 4. Fairway slopes left to right. The green runs front to back. Bunker on the left and run-off to the right of the green.

7th Hole – Par 3

155 meters
Par 3
SI 15

7th hole image

7th Notes:

Beautiful Par 3 played through an avenue of trees.  A new elevated green,  opened in April 2010, requires a precise shot to hold the green.

8th Hole Par 3

171 meters

8th hole image

8th Notes:

Tricky par 3. Elevated green guarded by two front bunkers, trees on the right and steep run-off to the left.

9th Hole – Par 4

328 meters
Par 4
SI 3

9th hole image

9th Notes:

Signature hole. Nominated as the best ninth hole in N. Ireland by Stephen Watson in the “Sunday News.”  The river runs all the way along the left, marking the out-of-bounds; whins and heavy rough on the right. No bunkers.

10th Hole – Par 5

456 meters
Par 5
SI 14

10th hole image

10th Notes:

Elevated tee shot with trees on the right and out-of-bounds on the left. Large green guarded by a bunker 5 yards short and right.

11th Hole – Par 4

360 meters
Par 4
SI 2

11th hole image

11th Notes:

Uphill fairway with considerable left to right slope. Feature of this hole is the three-tiered green. No bunkers.

12th Hole – Par 3

135 meters
Par 3
SI 18.

12th hole image

12th Notes:

Short par 3. The green runs from right to left. It is guarded by three bunkers, two to the right and one front left.

13th Hole – Par 4

356 meters
Par 4
SI 8

13th hole image

13th Notes:

Slight dog leg right and fairway slopes from left to right. Out-of-bounds on the left. The green is guarded by a bunker to the right with run-offs to the right and back.

14th Hole – Par 4

336 meters
Par 4
SI 6.

14th hole image

14th Notes:

Uphill fairway with trees on both sides. Tricky undulating green with trouble to the right. (Bunker to left of green removed 2010)

15th Hole – Par 4

283 meters
Par 4
SI 16

15th hole image

15th Notes:

Short dog leg par 4. Huge trees on the right guard the approach to the green so it is imperative to find the fairway.  The bunkers surrounding the green were removed in 2010 and replaced by a bunker short of the green.

16th Hole – Par 3

170 meters
Par 3
SI 12

16th hole image

16th Notes:

Straight forward medium length hole.  A flat green rewards a good tee shot. No bunkers. (Bunker to right of green removed 2009)

17th Hole – Par 4

394 meters
Par 4
SI 4

17th hole image

17th Notes:

Fairway flanked by mature trees. A ditch crosses the fairway at the three-quarter distance. The last 20 yards slope down to a flat green which is guarded by bunkers short right and to the left.

18th Hole – Par 4

345 meters
Par 4
SI 10

18th hole image

18th Notes:

Another avenue faiway with mature trees on both sides. The green has a substantial slope from back to front and is guarded by bunkers front left and right.

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