Slow Play
Monday 30th September 2019
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SLOW PLAY: Murmurings of discontent have reappeared in recent weeks in relation to slow play, perhaps not helped by the changing of the seasons and the additional hindrance of plugged balls and leaves on the ground. This is an ongoing issue throughout the world of golf and not a problem unique to our club, but the situation has been and will continue to be closely monitored.
With wholesale changes being introduced at Professional level on the European Tour to help mitigate the issue, members are politely reminded to bear in mind a few key points regarding prompt pace of play:
• Search time for finding your ball is now 3 minutes, not 5 minutes. This should not be a grey area. See Rule 18.2a(1))
• If you suspect your ball may be lost, play a provisional at the time rather than having to return to replay after an unsuccessful search. NB: Don’t forget that you MUST DECLARE that it is a provisional ball! Failure to do so will result in this becoming the ball in play regardless if the original is found. (See Rule 18.3b)
• If your provisional does not reach the suspected location of your original, you may continue to play your provisional until said suspected location is reached before beginning your 3-minute search for your original ball. (See Rule 18.3c)
• Implement ‘ready golf’ when teeing off. This habit should now be the norm, not the exception. ‘Ready golf’ is also permissible and encouraged throughout the round when safe to do so. (See Rule 6.4b(2))
• Aim to complete your pre-shot preparations whilst you wait for others to play, e.g. cleaning your ball, repairing your pitch-mark (and any others you may find), reading the line of your putt, ‘visualising the shot’, saying three Hail Mary’s etc. (See Rule 5.6b)
• Other considerations to take cognisance of include;
o where you leave your bag in relation to your next movement, i.e. between the green you’re putting on and the next tee,
o mark cards on the tee of the following hole, not off the green of the hole just completed,
o in stableford, when number of strokes played exceeds nett double bogey players are encouraged to ‘pick up’.
With somewhat of a stigma attached to slow play, it is often said that the most frequent offenders are not aware that they may be the cause of the problem. However, it should be stressed that this is not intended as a finger-pointing exercise. EVERYONE has a duty of care to respect others on the course and as such EVERYONE can make small changes to help alleviate the matter.
Essentially your position on the course should be maintained immediately behind the group in front, not immediately in front of the group behind. In other words, if you have lost ground to the group in front you are not keeping up with play and more importantly are likely to be holding up anyone and everyone coming behind.
As always, complete co-operation with this request is gratefully appreciated as the club continues to strive to ultimately offer the best playing experience to you, the members.

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