WJ McCormack & Sons Open

WJ McCormack & Sons Open – Thursday 20th September 2012

1st William Doherty (17) 42pts
2nd Peter Doherty (5) 40pts BOT
3rd Ciaran Kelly (12) 40pts
Gross Robert Bell (14) 26pts

JD Print Open

JD Print Open – Thursday 6th September 2012

1st Francie Conwell (20) 40pts
2nd Damian Carey (14) 39pts
3rd Brian Haughey 38pts
Gross Conal Cooke (2) 36pts gross

Foothills Restaurant Open

Foothills Restaurant Open – 9th August 2012

1st Mark Sharkey (21) 44pts
2nd Darrell Meadows (15) 41pts
3rd Ryan McColgan (15) 41pts
Gross Enda Kennedy (+1) 39pts gross

Mitchell Meats Open

Mitchell Meats Open – Thursday 26th July 2012

1st John Maxwell (11) 42pts BOT
2nd Patrick McCrossan (10) 42pts
3rd Rory Kenny (11) 40pts BOT
Gross Enda Kennedy (+1) 40pts gross
Visitor Sean Edmondson 36pts

Kelly’s Bakery Open

Kelly’s Bakery Open – Thursday 19th July 2012

1st Adrian McLaughlin (12) 40pts
2nd Foncie McNally (14) 39pts
3rd Nicky Wolfe (9) 37pts
Gross Patrick Kennedy (1) 34pts gross
Visitor Pat Sweeney 37pts

John Fahy & Co Open

John Fahy & Co Open – Thursday 5th July 2012

1st Aidan Boyle 40pts BOT
2nd Aiden O’Neill 40pts
3rd Jordan Arthur 39pts
Gross Enda Kennedy 37pts

Christy’s Bar Open

Christy’s Bar Open – Thursday 28th June 2012

1st Eoin O’Neill (11) 42pts
2nd Brian Kelly (21) 39pts
3rd Paddy Kennedy (2) 38pts
Gross Keith Patterson (5) 33pts gross

What’s On Your Wall – Open

WhatsOnYourWall Open – Thursday 27th September 2012

1st Sean MacIntyre (16) 43pts
2nd Robert Bell (13) 42pts
3rd Kevin McGinley (10) 41pts
Gross Peter Doherty (5) 31pts gross

Check out www.whatsonyourwall.com for more details

Murphy’s On The Green – Open

Murphy’s On The Green Open – Thursday 13th September 2012

India House Open

India House Open – Thursday 30th August 2012

TBF McElholm & Co Open

TBF McElholm & Co Open – Thursday 23rd August 2012

1st Frank Friel (22) 41pts
2nd Bob McCurry (15) 37pts
3rd Stewart McFeeters (16) 36pts BOT
Gross Ronan Foley 33pts

Paul Forbes Open

Paul Forbes Open – Thursday 2nd August 2012

1st Martin Patton (15) 44pts
2nd Stephen McCay (6) 43pts
3rd Eoin O’Neill (10) 40pts
Gross Enda Kennedy (+1) 39pts gross
Visitor Sean Boyle (8) 37pts

P.A. Driving School Open

P.A. Driving School Open – Thursday 15th September 2011

1st Mark Mohan (17) City of Derry G.C. 43pts
2nd Conor Sharkey (8) 42pts
3rd Conor Friel (20) Letterkenny G.C. 41pts
Gross Enda Kennedy (Scr) 38pts
Visitor Gerry Martin (22) Moyola Park G.C. 39pts


JD Print Open

JD Print Open – Thursday 8th September 2011

1st Liam Curry (9) 43pts
2nd Enda Kennedy (1) 41pts BOT
3rd Liam McDevitt (17) 41pts
Gross Keith Patterson (5) 35pts gross

India House Open

India House Open – Thursday 1st September 2011

1st Patrick McCrossan (10) 43pts
2nd Ryan Stevenson (10) 38pts BOT
3rd Kevin Gallagher (8) 38pts BOT
Gross Paddy Kennedy (1) 37pts gross
Visitor Sean Callaghan (18) Narin & Portnoo G.C. 35pts BOT