John Kelly

Daily Mail Foursomes – Ladies

Daily Mail Foursomes – Stableford – Tuesday 15th April 2014

1st Imelda Doherty and Catherine Neeson 37pts
2nd were Annette Patton and Donna Doherty 36pts

Strabane AFC Singles – Open

Strabane AFC Singles – Stableford
Sunday 13th April 2014

Please Note – The Strabane AFC Ladies and Gents Singles scheduled for Sunday 13th April had been cancelled to unforeseen circumstances, a mixed foursomes open from 1pm-3pm will now take its place.

Thursday Club – Qualifying

Thursday Club – Stableford

10th April 2014

Lady Captain’s Charity

Lady Captain’s Charity – Stableford

Tuesday 8th April 2014

1st Mandy Coyne (10) 36pts
Category 1 Adeline Shiels (22) 34pts
Category 2 Mary Casey (30) 29pts BOT

St Mary’s Primary School – Team Classic Open

St Mary’s Primary School – Team Classic Open
Sunday 6th April 2014

1st – Norma Brogan, Monica McGettigan, Alison Curry and Noreen McNally 97pts

2nd – Jim Harley, Maurice McGettigan, Odran McGettigan and David McLaughlin 93pts

3rd – Gary Duffy, Liam Patton, Ciaran Patton and Hugh Casey 92pts BOT

Mark Gillespie won the longest drive prize on the 18th hole.

Caffe Fresco Open

Caffe Fresco Open – Stableford
Saturday 5th April 2014 

1st Matt Curran (17) 42pts
2nd Eddie Finlay (18) 41pts
3rd Foncie McNally (15) 41pts
4th Sammy Devenney (19) 40pts BOT
5th Michael O’Neill (20) 40pts
Gross Ryan McGowan (4) 39pts
Seniors Robert Bell (14) 38pts
1st nine Paul Bogle (13) 22pts
2nd nine Martin Finlay (21) 22pts

Captain’s Outing to Portsalon

Captain’s Outing to Portsalon
Saturday 5th October 2013

1st Paddy O’Kane (9) 40pts BOT
2nd Maurice Doherty (18) 40pts
3rd Joe Elliott (14) 38pts BOT
4th Pat Patton (14) 38pts BOT
5th Gerry Casey (14) 38pts
Gross Ben Corry (5) 31pts gross
1st nine President Francie Devine  
2nd nine Gary King  

Up coming competitions

The John Kelly goes ahead this Saturday 30 March.

JJ’s Monday Club Monday 01 April

Thursday Club 04 April

PG McGillion Motor’s Saturday 06 April

JJ’s Monday Club Monday 08 April

Thursday Club 11 April

B McNamee LTD Saturday 13 April MEDAL

Frylite’s Strabane AFC teams classic Sunday 14 April



Results Saturday 16th February

Saturday 16th Feb 15 hole NQ

1st Jimmy Coyle 37 pts BOT
2nd Kevin McGinley 37 pts
3rd Jimmy Potts 36 pts

Gross Paul McGill 26 pts

Saturday 09 February 15 Hole Competition

Saturday 09 February 2013

15 Hole NQ Singles Stableford

1st Mark Gillespie 43 pts

2nd Martin Keys 39 pts

3rd Stewart McFeeters 37 pts

Gross Dennis Porter 27 pts

Results Saturday 02 Feb 2013

Single Stableford 15 hole NQ

Saturday 02 February 2013

1st Albert McNally 37 pts BOT

2nd Dennis Porter 37 pts

3rd Jim Arbuckle 36 pts

Gross Fred McGavigan 28 pts



Results Saturday 26 January 2013

Single Stableford NQ 15 holes

1st Maurice McGettigan 37 pts BOT

2nd Odran McGettigan 37 pts BOT

3rd Jim Harley 37 pts

Gross Ben Corry 29 pts

McGoldricks Sport

McGoldricks Sport Open – Saturday 20th October 2012

1st Sean Elliott (18) 43pts
2nd Damien Carey (13) 40pts
3rd Gerard Mullen ( 39pts
4th Kevin Connolly (13) 38pts
5th Frankie Houston (15) 37pts
Gross Patrick Kennedy (2) 35pts gross
1st nine Michael Baldrick (17) 22pts
2nd nine Eoin O’Neill (9) 21pts

Modern Man Stableford

Modern Man Stableford – Saturday 13th October 2012

1st Philip Miller (23) 40pts
2nd Paddy McCrossan (9) 39pts BOT
3rd John Brolly (20) 39pts
4th Aidan Corry (10) 38pts BOT
5th Declan McDonnell (8) 38pts
Gross Kieran Doherty (5) 33pts
1st nine Matt Keyes (17) 22pts
2nd nine Odran McGettigan (25) 21pts

Fletcher Golf Open

Fletcher Golf Open – Saturday 29th September 2012

1st Chris McDermott (11) 41pts
2nd Eamon McGlinchey (17) 40pts
3rd Cathal Patton (5) 38pts BOT
4th Paul Gallagher (8) 38pts BOT
5th Cathal McLaughlin (16) 38pts
Gross Stephen McCay (5) 32pts
1st nine Michael Neeson (11) 22pts
2nd nine Neil Alcock (15) 21pts

WJ McCormack & Sons Open

WJ McCormack & Sons Open – Thursday 20th September 2012

1st William Doherty (17) 42pts
2nd Peter Doherty (5) 40pts BOT
3rd Ciaran Kelly (12) 40pts
Gross Robert Bell (14) 26pts

Weekly Competition 15 Holes – Ladies

Weekly Competition 15 Holes – Ladies – Tuesday 18th September 2012

Winner Teresa Logue (31) 29pts
Category 0 – 24 Maeve Corry (22) 26pts
Category 25 – 36 Geraldine McCrory (31) 29pts

Monday Open

Monday Open – 10th September 2012

1st Dermot Corry (17) 39pts BOT
2nd Eamon McGlinchey (17) 39pts
3rd Sean Elliott (18) 38pts
Gross Patrick Kennedy (1) 37pts gross

JD Print Open

JD Print Open – Thursday 6th September 2012

1st Francie Conwell (20) 40pts
2nd Damian Carey (14) 39pts
3rd Brian Haughey 38pts
Gross Conal Cooke (2) 36pts gross

Captain’s Outing to Greencastle

Captain’s Outing to Greencastle – Saturday 6th October 2012

1st Sean Sweeney 43pts BOT
2nd Eddie McHugh 43pts
3rd Liam Curry 43pts
4th John J Duffy 42pts
5th Liam McGinley 41pts
Gross Paul Gallagher 33pts

McGoldricks Sport Open

McGoldricks Sport Open – 27th August 2012

Competition Cancelled –
rescheduled for Saturday 20th October 2012

Pat Kirk Open

Pat Kirk Open – Saturday 25th August 2012

1st Andrew Connolly (12) 39pts BOT
2nd Dermott Cairns (16) 39pts
3rd Francie Conwell (20) 38pts BOT
4th Gerard Stewart (20) 38pts BOT
5th James Harron (9) 38pts
Gross Patrick Kennedy (2) 35pts gross
1st nine Noel McCrory (15) 21pts
2nd nine Martin Rouse (10) 23pts

Pat Kirk website

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Northern Confectionary Open

Northern Confectionary Open – Thursday 16th August 2012

1st Terence McGranaghan (12) 39pts BOT
2nd Conor Sharkey (6) 39pts BOT
3rd Ronan Foley (5) 39pts
Gross Conal Cooke (2) 36pts gross
Visitor Kevin Patton 36pts

Fir Trees Hotel Open

Fir Trees Open – Saturday 11th August 2012

1st Martin Rouse (11) 41pts
2nd Paul O’Neill (18) 40pts
3rd Brian Kelly (21) 39pts BOT
4th Conor Sharkey (7) 39pts BOT
5th Kieran Doherty (5) 39pts
Gross Fred McGavigan (6) 34pts gross
1st nine Michael B Kennedy 21pts
2nd nine Gerard Walsh 22pts

Strabane Training Services Open

Strabane Training Services Open – Saturday 4th August 2012

1st Declan Doherty (19) 42pts
2nd Andrew Connolly (12) 40pts
3rd Ronan Foley (7) 39pts BOT
4th Michael Etherson (13) 39pts
5th Sean Forbes (6) 38pts
Gross Patrick Kennedy (2) 35pts gross
1st nine Ryan McGowan 22pts
2nd nine Martin Patton 21pts

Mitchell Meats Open

Mitchell Meats Open – Thursday 26th July 2012

1st John Maxwell (11) 42pts BOT
2nd Patrick McCrossan (10) 42pts
3rd Rory Kenny (11) 40pts BOT
Gross Enda Kennedy (+1) 40pts gross
Visitor Sean Edmondson 36pts

Monday Open

Monday Open – 23rd July 2012

1st Paddy Doyle (12) 40pts BOT
2nd John Maxwell (12) 40pts
3rd Ronan Foley (8) 39pts
Gross Martin McDermott (4) 34pts gross

Kelly’s Bakery Open

Kelly’s Bakery Open – Thursday 19th July 2012

1st Adrian McLaughlin (12) 40pts
2nd Foncie McNally (14) 39pts
3rd Nicky Wolfe (9) 37pts
Gross Patrick Kennedy (1) 34pts gross
Visitor Pat Sweeney 37pts

Monday Open

Monday Open – 16th July 2012

1st Seamus McPhilemy (24) 45pts
2nd Fred McGavigan (7) 42pts
3rd Shaun McGonagle (13) 40pts
Gross Paddy Kennedy (1) 36pts gross
Visitor Tony McMonagle (12) 36pts

McHughs Oil Singles – Open Week

McHughs Oil Singles – Open Week – Saturday 14th July 2012

1st Jim Arbuckle (18) 40pts
2nd Brian O’Kane (20) 39pts BOT
3rd Darrell Medows (17) 39pts
4th Caolan Crawford (8) 38ptsBOT
5th Joe Elliott (17) 38pts
Gross Conal Cooke (3) 35pts gross
Visitor Brian Devlin (Dungannon G.C.)  
1st nine Ben Corry (5) 21pts
2nd nine Conor McKenna (6) 20pts


Bertie Colhoun Memorial Gents Greensomes – Open Week

Bertie Colhoun Memorial Gents Greensomes – Open Week – Friday 13th July 2012

1st Freddie Wilson and John Caughan 43pts
2nd Conor Sharkey and Eamon McCay 42pts
3rd Paul McNally and Paul Gallagher 41pts Singles – Open Week Singles – Open Week – Thursday 12th July 2012

1st Martin McDermott (4) 41pts BOT
2nd Stephen Quinn (14) 41pts
3rd Declan O’Hare (10) 39pts
Gross Paddy Kennedy (2) 35pts gross
Visitor David Harron (Ballybofey & Stranorlar)  


Ladies Day Open – Open Week

Ladies Day Open – Open Week – Tuesday 10th July 2012

1st Violet Spratt (17) (Newtownstewart G.C.) 37pts
2nd Jennifer Rouse (19) 36pts
3rd Monica McGettigan (25) 25pts
Gross Lorna Armstrong (13) 20pts gross
Category 0 – 18 Lisa Patton (17) 33pts
Category 19 – 28 Catherine Neeson (19) 33pts
Category 29 – 36 Teresa Logue (31) 31pts
Visitor Agnes McLaughlin (19) (Foyle G.C.) 32pts
1st nine Margaret Bonner 18pts
2nd nine Bernie O’Kane 17pts
Two’s Vida Given  

GMG Logos Open – Open Week

GMG Logos Open – Open Week – Monday 9th July 2012

1st Stephen McCay (6) 39pts BOT
2nd Ciaran Kelly (12) 39pts
3rd George McCay (20) 38pts
Gross Paddy Kennedy (2) 35pts gross


Frylite Open Teams – Open Week

Frylite Open Teams – Open Week – Sunday 8th July 2012

1st – Seamus Friel, Tommy Sharkey, Mark Donaghey & Eoin O’Neill 96pts
2nd – Pat Patton, Eugene Patton, Hugo McCusker & John J Duffy 94pts BOT
3rd – Cairan Duffy, Stephen Alexander, Eddie McCrea & Gerard Mullen 94pts
Ladies – Mary Casey, Geraldine McCrory, Catherine Nesson & Heather Mitchell 88pts

Strabane Electrics Open

Strabane Electrics Open – Saturday 7th July 2012

1st Tommy Sharkey (19) 40pts
2nd Mickey O’Neill (20) 39pts
3rd Enda Kennedy (Scr) 38pts BOT
4th Pat Patton (13) 38pts BOT
5th Maurice Doherty (17) 38pts
Gross Conal Cooke (3) 34pts gross
Visitor John McMenamin  
1st nine Jim Callaghan  
2nd nine Neil Alcock  


John Fahy & Co Open

John Fahy & Co Open – Thursday 5th July 2012

1st Aidan Boyle 40pts BOT
2nd Aiden O’Neill 40pts
3rd Jordan Arthur 39pts
Gross Enda Kennedy 37pts

Monday Open

Monday Open – 2nd July 2012

1st Foncie McNally (15) 41pts
2nd Kevin McGinley (10) 40pts
3rd Kevin O’Gorman  (14) 39pts
Gross Enda Kennedy (+1) 35pts

The Farmers Home Bar & Off-Licence Open

The Farmers Home Bar & Off-Licence Open – Saturday 30th June 2012

1st Paul Gallagher (9) 40pts
2nd Paul Bogle (13) 39pts
3rd Paul McGill (7) 37pts
4th Keith Patterson (5) 35pts BOT
5th Stephen McCay (6) 35pts
Gross Paddy Kennedy (2) 32pts gross
Visitor Kevin O’Donnell (17) (Northwest G.C.) 33pts
1st nine Andy Doherty (26)  
2nd nine Ben Corry (4)  


Christy’s Bar Open

Christy’s Bar Open – Thursday 28th June 2012

1st Eoin O’Neill (11) 42pts
2nd Brian Kelly (21) 39pts
3rd Paddy Kennedy (2) 38pts
Gross Keith Patterson (5) 33pts gross

Hugh Harley Memorial Cup Open

Hugh Harley Memorial Cup Open – Thursday 21st June 2012

1st Kevin O’Gorman (15) 41pts
2nd Paul McNally (13) 40pts
3rd Enda Kennedy (Scr) 39pts
Gross Martin McDermott (4) 35pts gross

Wednesday Mixed

Wednesday Mixed – 20th June 2012

1st – Sammy & Rachel Devenney, Eric & Olive Reid 46pts

2nd – Ryan McGowan & Lorna Duffy, Frankie Connolly & Donna Doherty 45pts

13 teams played

Gallagher Cup – Ladies

Gallagher Cup – Tuesday 19th June 2012

Winner Roisin Corry (32) 40pts
Category 0-24 Ann Sharkey (19)  35pts BOT
Category 25-36 Mary Casey (30) 36pts

Monday Open

Monday Open – 18th June 2012

1st Conal Cooke (3) 42pts
2nd Ryan McGowan (5) 38pts
3rd Ryan McColgan (15) 36pts
Gross Frankie Gallagher (15) 24pts gross


Monday Open

Monday Open – 11th June 2012

1st Barry Reid (21) 43pts
2nd Pat McAneny (17) 42pts
3rd Eoin O’Neill (12) 41pts
Gross Stuart Bleakley (2) 37pts gross


Devine Sand & Gravel Open

Devine Sand & Gravel Open – Saturday 9th June 2012

1st Dermot Corry (18) 46pts
2nd John Etherson (16) 40pts
3rd Paul McGill (7) 39pts BOT
4th Martin McGrellis (14) 39pts
5th Chris McDermott (12) 38pts
Gross Keith Patterson (5) 33pts gross
1st nine George McCay (20) 22pts
2nd nine William Potts (22) 23pts

McGoldricks Sport Open

McGoldricks Sport Open – Thursday 7th June 2012

Competition Cancelled

Rescheduled for Monday 27th August


Wednesday Mixed

Wednesday Mixed – 6th June 2012

1st – Brian O’Kane & Lorna Duffy    38pts
2nd – Dympna Doherty & Tommy Sharkey   37pts BOT
3rd – Olive Reid & Sammy Devenney   37pts

O2 Challenge – Ladies

O2 Challenge – Ladies – Tuesday 5th June 2012

Winner Rosaleen Doherty (30) 41pts
Category 0 – 24 Adeline Shiels (21) 37pts
Category 25 – 36 Mary Gallagher (26) 38pts