John Kelly

Saturday Open

Saturday Open – 26th July 2014

1st Michael Mathers (19) 41pts
2nd Damian McCrossan (18) 40pts BOT
3rd Billy Doherty (16) 40pts
4th Declan Doherty (18) 39pts BOT
5th Rory Doherty (14) 39pts
Gross Wesley Lindsay (5) 32pts
Over 60’s James Callan (13) 39pts
1st nine Declan Lynch (13) 21pts
2nd nine Sean McGonagle (12) 22pts

Mitchell Meats – Open

Mitchell Meats – Thursday 24th July 2014

1st Conor McCool (8) 41pts BOT
2nd Michael Doyle (19) 41pts BOT
3rd Patrick McCrossan (6) 41pts
Gross Ronan Foley (6) 34pts gross


GMG Logos Singles – Open Week

GMG Logos Singles – Monday 7th July 2014

1st Caolan Crawford (5) 63 nett
2nd Cathal McLaughlin (18) 63 nett
3rd President, Pat McAneny (18) 66 nett
Gross Patrick McCrossan (7) 74 gross


Bernie O’Kane’s Lady Captains Day

Bernie O’Kane’s Lady Captains Day – Saturday 5th July 2014

1st – Patricia Kelly (30) 67nett
2nd – Donna Doherty (32) 69nett
3rd – Maeve Corry (21) 70 nett
Gross – Lisa Patton (15) 89 gross
Category 1 – Dympna Doherty (18) 72 nett
Category 2 – Oliver Turner (24) 72
Category 3 – Geraldine McCrory (29) 71
1st nine – Geraldine Masterson
2nd nett – Rosemary Wilson
Committee Prize – Mary McCrory
Senior Prize – Isobel Duffy
Granny Prize – Mary Casey
Nearest the Pin – Abby Maxwell
Longest Drive Lisa Patton
Lady Visitor – Marian O’Rielly
Men Guest – Nigel Houston

13 hole men’s Competition
1st – Declan O’Hare
2nd – Paul McNally

Herdman Cup – Ladies

Herdman Cup  – Tuesday 1st July 2014

Winner Mandy Coyne(10) 65nett
Category 1 Lauren Patton(15) 67nett
Category 2 Olive Turner (24) 69nett

Monday Open

Monday Open  – 23rd June 2014

1st Noel McCrory (14) 40pts BOT
2nd Seamus McPhilemy (23) 40pts
3rd Ronan Foley (5) 39pts
Gross Conal Cooke (2) 34pts


McHugh’s Oil Open

McHugh’s Oil Open – Saturday 21st June 2014

1st Tommy Forbes (11) 42pts BOT
2nd Francie Conwell (20) 42pts
3rd Pat Patton (13) 41pts
4th Aidan Corry (12) 40pts BOT
5th Shay Callaghan (11) 40pts
Gross Paul McGill (6) 33pts
1st nine Hugh Byrne (17)  
2nd nine Kevin Heffernan (26)  


Hugh Harley Memorial Cup – Open

Hugh Harley Memorial Cup – Thursday 19th June 2014

1st Paul O’Neill (16) 45pts
2nd Robert Bell (15) 43pts
3rd President, Pat McAneny (18) 40pts
Gross Conor Sharkey (5) 35pts

Gallagher Cup – Ladies

Gallagher Cup – Tuesday 17th June 2014

Winner Maeve Corry (22) 41pts
Category 1 Dympna Doherty(19) 39pts
Category 2 Noreen McNally (36) 40pts


Declan Devine Foods – Open

Declan Devine Foods (Blues) – Saturday 14th June 2014

1st Denis Porter (11) 41pts
2nd Kevin Neeson (12) 40pts BOT
3rd John Doherty (15) 40pts
4th Mervyn Moore (22) 39pts BOT
5th Warner Mullen (21) 39pts
Gross Peter Doherty (5) 32pts
1st nine John J Duffy  
2nd nine Don Callan Sen  

Eileen Keery Memorial Cup – Ladies

Eileen Keery Memorial Cup – Tuesday 10th June 2014

Winner Abbey Maxwell (29) 70 nett
Category 1 Maeve Corry (23) 73 nett
Category 2 Mary McCrory (28) 76 nett

Aughabrack Chapel Team Classic – Open

Aughabrack Chapel Team Classic – Sunday 8th June 2014

1st Conor Sharkey (6) 41pts
2nd Kevin McGinley (12) 40pts BOT
3rd Conal Cooke (2) 40pts
Gross Peter Doherty (5) 32pts
1st nine David Smyth (visitor)  
2nd nine Padraig McAleer (visitor)  

Devine Sand and Gravel – Open

Devine Sand and Gravel (Medal) – Saturday 7th June 2014

1st Martin Patton (14) 65 nett
2nd Donal Cairns (19) 66 nett BOT
3rd Liam Curry (11) 66 nett BOT
4th Captain, Senan Roarty (13) 66 nett BOT
5th Sean McGonaghle (13) 66 nett
Gross Conal Cooke (1) 72 gross
Category 1 Nicky Wolfe 69 nett
Category 2 Hugh Byrne (17) 71 nett
Category 3 Eamon McCay (19) 70 nett

What’s On Your Wall – Open

What’ Open – Thursday 5th June 2014

1st Martin Finlay (20) 42pts
2nd Adrian McLaughlin (11) 40pts BOT
3rd Jimmy Henderson (27) 40pts
Gross Kevin Gallagher (5) 33pts

Monday Open

Monday Open – 2nd June 2014

1st Dermot Corry (16) 43pts
2nd Kevin Gallagher (6) 42pts
3rd Ronan Foley (6) 40pts
Gross Conal Cooke (2)  

Masala & Mama Masala – Open

Masala & Mama Masala – Saturday 31st May 2014

1st Rory Doherty (16) 41pts
2nd Colin McCafferty (14) 40pts BOT
3rd Declan O’Hare (10) 40pts
4th Andrew Connolly (12) 39pts BOT
5th Sean MacIntyre (12) 39pts
Gross Conal Cooke (2) 33pts
Senior Brian Kelly 38pts
1st nine Gerry Glover (17) 22pts
2nd nine Brian Cairns (16) 25pts

Northern Confectionary – Open

Northern Confectionary Open – Thursday 29th May 2014

1st Brian Brolly (11) 44pts
2nd John Doherty (17) 41pts BOT
3rd Paddy Doyle (14) 41pts
Gross Conal Cooke (2)  
Visitor Pauric Dunleavy  

T Ocsar Rollins Bank Holiday Monday – Open

T Ocsar Rollins Bank Holiday Monday – 26th May 2014

1st Franke Gallagher (7) 39pts
2nd Rory McColgan (13) 37pts BOT
3rd Raymond McDermott * 37pts
Gross Ryan McGowan (4) 31pts

*Amended result

Parkinson’s Charity Teams – Open

Parkinson’s Charity Teams Open – Sunday 25th May 2014

1st –  Patrick McCrossan, Chris Timoney, Neil Alcock and Paul McLaughlin 102pts
2nd – Denis Porter, George Turner, Joe Doherty and Kevin Keegan 101pts
3rd – Kevin Gallagher, Shay Callaghan, Damian Roarty and Ciaran Doherty 99pts BOT
Best Mixed Ladies & Gents Team – 
Ciaran & Patricia Kelly and John & Geraldine Masterson 99pts

Haughey’s Costcutters – Open

Haughey’s Costcutters Open – Saturday 24th May 2014

1st Brian O’Kane (20) 39pts BOT
2nd Dermot Corry (17) 39pts
3rd Shay Callaghan (11) 38pts
4th Damian Carey (13) 37pts BOT
5th Eoin O’Neill (6) 37pts
Gross Conal Cooke (2) 32pts
1st nine Gerard Bradley (19) 22pts
2nd nine James Harron (9) 22pts

Subway – Open

Subway Open – Thursday 22nd May 2014

1st Franke Gallagher (8) 40pts
2nd Connor McCool (9) 39pts BOT
3rd Declan Lynch (13) 39pts
Gross Conal Cooke (2) 33pts gross

Monday Open

Monday Open – 19th May 2014

1st John Langan (13) 42pts
2nd Ronnie Wylie (10) 39pts
3rd Connor McCool (9) 39pts
Gross Caolan Crawford (4) 33pts gross

Greg Mitchell Motors Open (Medal)

Greg Mitchell Motors Open (Medal) – Saturday 17th May 2014

1st Shane McLaughlin (10) 65 nett
2nd Brian Forester (18) 68 nett
3rd Colin McCafferty (14) 69 nett BOT
4th Hugh Byrne (18) 69 nett BOT
5th Hugo McCusker (13) 69 nett
Gross Cathal Patton 74 gross
Category 1 Adrian McLaughlin (10) 70 nett
Category 2 Cahir Doherty (18) 70 nett
Category 3 Seamus McPhilemy (24) 70 nett
Seniors James Callan (13) 71 nett

Quinn’s Open

Quinn’s Open – Thursday 15th May 2014

1st Caolan Crawford (5) 64 nett BOT
2nd Freddie Patterson (6) 64 nett
3rd Eddie Patton (10) 68 nett
Gross Patrick Kennedy (2) 71 gross

Monday Open

Monday Open – 12th May 2014

1st Pat McAneny (19) 40pts BOT
2nd John Clarke (19) 40pts
3rd David Moore (24) 38pts
Gross Conal Cooke (1) 33pts

Frylite Scratch Cup

Frylite Scratch Cup – Sunday 11th May 2014

Winner Jack Madden 72 72 – 144

1st Jamie Foley 76 69 – 145
2nd Kealin Quigg 73 73 – 146
3rd Conal Cooke 73 74 – 147
4th Dan Hinds 73 75 – 148
5th Enda Kennedy 71 77 – 148
6th James Linsay 78 73 – 151
1st Round Gross Paul McGuigan 72
2nd Round Gross Stephen Martin 73

1st Conor Sharkey 65 74 – 139
2nd Martin McDermott 72 69 – 141
3rd Christopher McCallion 71 71 – 142
4th Eoin O’Neill 70 74 – 144
5th Eddie Patton 74 73 – 147
6th Caolin Crawford 72 75 – 147
1st Round Nett Matthew McGowan 70
2nd Round Nett Rona Foley 70


Sports Centre Open

Sports Centre Open (Blues) – Saturday 10 May 2014

1st James Harron (10) 40pts BOT
2nd Caolan Crawford (5) 40pts
3rd Enda McDonnell (21) 39pts
4th Michael Neeson (12) 38pts
5th Eric Reid (25) 37pts
Gross Kevin Gallagher (6) 30pts
1st nine Warner Mullan (21) 22pts
2nd nine Stephen Curry (11) 23pts

Foothills Bar & Resturaunt Open

Foothills Bar & Resturaunt Open – Thursday 8th May 2014

1st Gerard Bradley (20) 41pts BOT
2nd Mark Gillespie (20) 41pts BOT
3rd Brian Millar (24) 41pts
Gross Conal Cooke (1) 37pts

Congratulations to Jimmy Callan who holed his 5 iron tee shot at the 16th hole to record a hole in one

Camus Cup – Ladies

Camus Cup – Ladies – Tuesday 6th May 2014

Winner Imelda Doherty (32) 66 nett
Category 1 Lauren Patton 74 nett
Category 2 Geraldine McCrory 61 nett

Topaz Bank Holiday Open

Topaz Bank Holiday Open – Monday 5th May 2014

1st Paul McNally (12) 34pts BOT
2nd Donal Cairns (19) 34pts
3rd Conor McCool (9) 32pts
Gross Kevin Gallagher (6) 26pts

P G McGillion Motors Open

P G McGillion Motors Open – Saturday 3rd May 2014

1st D Curry (18) 41pts
2nd Aidan Corry (12) 40pts
3rd Paddy O’Kane (8) 39pts BOT
4th Joe Kennedy (25) 39pts BOT
5th Paul McNally (13) 39pts
Gross Conal Cooke 35pts
1st nine Dr John Etherson 22pts
2nd nine Paul Bogle 21pts

Bank of Ireland Open

Bank of Ireland Open – Thursday 1st May 2014

1st D Curry (19) 40pts BOT
2nd Eddie Patton (10) 40pts
3rd Lyndsay (22) 38pts
Gross Fred McGavigan (4) 33pts

Derg Commericials Ltd – Ladies

Derg Commericials Ltd – Tuesday 29th April 2014

1st Mary McGuigan (33) 40pts
2nd Olive Reid (27) 39pts BOT
3rs Heather Mitchell (23) 39pts BOT
Gross Mandy Coyne (10) 25pts
Category 1 Dympna Doherty 35pts
Category 2 Anne Sharkey (19) 39pts
Categorty 3 Orla Quinn (36) 38pts
Visitor Rosie Agnew 35pts
1st nine Evelyn Hall 22pts
2nd nine Catherine Neeson 21pts

Gormley Opticians Strabane – Open

Gormley Opticians Strabane – 26th April 2014

1st Declan O’ Hare (11) 42pts
2nd Brian Millar (26) 41pts BOT
3rd Eric Reid (27) 41pts
4th Ciaran Doherty (11) 40pts
5th Donal Cairns(20) 37pts
Gross Ben Corry (4) 33pts
Senior Jim Potts 37pts
1st nine Patsy Wilson (18) 23pts
2nd nine Warner Mullen (21) 21pts

Easter Basket – Ladies

Easter Basket – Tuesday 22nd April 2014

Winner Maeve Crowe (29) 42pts
Category 1 Maeve Corry (23) 40pts
Category 2 Monica Mc Gettigan 39pts

Easter Monday Bank Holiday Open

Easter Monday Bank Holiday Open – 21st April 2014

1st Paddy Doyle (14) 40pts
2nd Ben Corry(5) 39pts BOT
3rd Sean McGonagle (14) 39pts
Gross Fred McGavigan  
Visitor Mark Reilly (10) Ballybofey & Stranorlar GC 38pts

Strabane Electrics – Open

Strabane Electrics – Stableford -Saturday 19th April 2014

1st Adrian McDermott (19) 43pts BOT
2nd Ben Corry (5) 43pts
3rd Patrick O’Doherty (24) 42pts
4th Eugene Patton 41pts BOT
5th Jim Malcolm(14) 41pts
Gross Conal Cooke (1) 33pts
Over 60’s Enda McDonnell (22) 39pts
1st nine Brian Forrester (19) 22pts
2nd nine Nigel Houston (14) 22pts

Daily Mail Foursomes – Ladies

Daily Mail Foursomes – Stableford – Tuesday 15th April 2014

1st Imelda Doherty and Catherine Neeson 37pts
2nd were Annette Patton and Donna Doherty 36pts

B McNamee Open – Medal

B McNamee Open – Stroke
Saturday 12th April 2014

1st Gary Duffy (10) 67 nett BOT
2nd Foncie McNally (13) 67 nett
3rd John Wylie (10) 68 BOT
4th Ronnie Wylie (10) 68 nett
5th Jim Malcom (15) 69 BOT
Gross Cathal Patton  
Category 1 Paddy O’Kane (8) 71 nett
Category 2 Kevin Neeson (13) 69 nett
Category 3 Gerard Foley (18) 70 nett
Over 60’s Francie Devine  


Lady Captain’s Charity

Lady Captain’s Charity – Stableford

Tuesday 8th April 2014

1st Mandy Coyne (10) 36pts
Category 1 Adeline Shiels (22) 34pts
Category 2 Mary Casey (30) 29pts BOT

St Mary’s Primary School – Team Classic Open

St Mary’s Primary School – Team Classic Open
Sunday 6th April 2014

1st – Norma Brogan, Monica McGettigan, Alison Curry and Noreen McNally 97pts

2nd – Jim Harley, Maurice McGettigan, Odran McGettigan and David McLaughlin 93pts

3rd – Gary Duffy, Liam Patton, Ciaran Patton and Hugh Casey 92pts BOT

Mark Gillespie won the longest drive prize on the 18th hole.

Caffe Fresco Open

Caffe Fresco Open – Stableford
Saturday 5th April 2014 

1st Matt Curran (17) 42pts
2nd Eddie Finlay (18) 41pts
3rd Foncie McNally (15) 41pts
4th Sammy Devenney (19) 40pts BOT
5th Michael O’Neill (20) 40pts
Gross Ryan McGowan (4) 39pts
Seniors Robert Bell (14) 38pts
1st nine Paul Bogle (13) 22pts
2nd nine Martin Finlay (21) 22pts

John Kelly

John Kelly – Stableford
29th March 2014 

1st Brian Haughey (13) 40pts BOT
2nd Joey Roulstone (22) 40Pts BOT
3rd Hugh Byrne (19) 40pts
4th Ciaran Duffy (9) 39pts
5th Damian McGranaghan (6) 38pts
Gross Conal Cooke (1) 33pts gross
1st nine Eddie McHugh(15) 22pts
2nd nine John Duffy (16) 22pts

Captain’s Outing to Portsalon

Captain’s Outing to Portsalon
Saturday 5th October 2013

1st Paddy O’Kane (9) 40pts BOT
2nd Maurice Doherty (18) 40pts
3rd Joe Elliott (14) 38pts BOT
4th Pat Patton (14) 38pts BOT
5th Gerry Casey (14) 38pts
Gross Ben Corry (5) 31pts gross
1st nine President Francie Devine  
2nd nine Gary King  


Club News – 16th July 2013


A full week of competitions came to a finish on Saturday past with the conclusion of Open week at the Ballycolman course, the weather remained fantastic for the entire weeks proceedings and if anything at times may have been to warm to attract a large amount of visiting players. Once again throughout the week the main talking point was the superb condition of the course both greens and fairways being in immaculate condition much praise again to our Greens staff for the wonderful preparation and presentation as always.
Thursdays event was The Strabane Catering Open Stableford with almost 100 golfers taking out cards for the event, the winner was Patrick McCrossan (7) who has been in a great run of form this season adding to his two holes in one off late with victory in this one with an excellent 41 pts which was only two over par for his round, the runner up was Terence McGranaghan (14) with 40 pts with Kevin P Gallagher (24) in third with 38 pts, the gross prize went to Keith Patterson (5) with 31 gross pts with the nines going to Conor McGettigan(15) and to John Doherty (18), the presentation date for this competition has yet to be arranged.
Fridays Event was The Mark James Open, which had been rescheduled from 18th May, and again almost 100 competitors took part. The winner with an excellent 42 pts was Michael Neeson (12) with Billy Doherty (17) taking the runners up spot also with 42 pts, Eamon mcGlinchey (14) continued his good run taking third place with 41 pts, with Terry Doherty (13) in fourth also with 41 pts, Declan Devine (12) took fifth with 40 pts with the gross on this occasion going to Aidan Boyle (5) with 32 gross pts, Declan Catterson (11) took the first nine with 23 pts with Aidan Langan (16) taking the second nine.

Mc Hugh’s Oil Stableford
Saturdays closing tournament was the Mc Hugh’s Oil Stableford which was claimed by Darrell Meadows (14) with 41 pts, just ahead of the very consistent Eddie Patton (12) with 40 pts, Garvin Godfrey (12) took third also with 40 pts with Paul mcConway (15) in fourth with 39 pts, Paul McGill (7) was in fifth with 38 pts, The gross went to Patrick Kennedy (2) with 35 gross pts which was just one over par, the nines went to Adrian McLaughlin and to James Langan.

Medicare mixed Open foursomes
There was an excellent turnout for last Wednesdays Medicare mixed Foursomes with the winners being the Husband and wife partnership of Frankie and Caroline Connolly with a brilliant Nett 62 three clear off the runners up Conal Cooke and Lisa Patton with Eddie McHugh and Imelda Doherty, the gross went to Paul McGill and Norma Brogan.

Donna’s Flowerbox Ladies Open
There was a great turnout for last Tuesdays Ladies open sponsored by Donnas Flowerbox LTD. The winner was Lisa Patton (17) with a brilliant 43 pts, the runner up was Abbie Maxwell (30) with 41 pts with Jennifer Rouse (16) with 40 pts, the categories went to Lauren Patton, Caroline Connolly and to Mary Casey, the gross went to Shauna Stewart with 24 gross pts, the nines went to Roisin Corry and to Catherine Connolly with Hilary mcIlroy winning the Visitors prize.

In club representative golf this week our Fred Daly team deserve much credit for opening up a narrow lead over a very Talented Lurgan Golf club junior team, all our lads would have been conceding many shots in handicap but performed admirably to give themselves hope in the away leg next week, special mention to young Connor mcCool who overcame his opponent who plays of 5 in the final match, Connors handicap is 14 which shows the severity of the challenge the Strabane lads encountered.
Our Conway cup team have it all to do after a 11.5-4.5 pts defeat in the away leg to Enniskillen on Sunday past, The Ulster Fourball team also have quite a bit of work to do taking three of the 5 matches at home on Sunday against Castlehume in the Ulster quarter-final but are not without hope for the away leg next week.
Finally Good luck to our President Francie Devine who hosts his presidents day this Sunday at he club, the weather forecast is for extremely hot conditions for Saturdays competition, music after the Presidents dinner will be provided by “Riff Raff”

Lady Captains Day


Lady Captain Annette Patton hosted her Captains Prize on Saturday last at the club with almost 60 competitors being treated to a day of glorious sunshine and very warm temperatures, the very popular winner on the day was Mrs Monica McGettigan who obviously excelled in the heat returning an excellent Nett 66 which was good enough on the day by two strokes from Jennifer Rouse on Nett 68, third went to Ann Sharkey with Nett 71 just ahead of Mary McCrory on break of tie, the Gross went again to the very consistent Mandy Coyne with Gross 83.The three categories were claimed by Shauna Stewart 73, Lorna Duffy 73 and Mary Casey 74 Nett.
The two nines went to Heather Mitchell and to Rachael Devenney.
Other winners on the day were
Ladies Guest Kathleen McGowan, Men’s guest Gerard Stewart,
Men’s 15 holes Dermott Cairns, Granny prize, Maeve Corry, Senior Lady Adeline Shiels, and Committee prize Roisin Corry, The longest drive went to Mandy Coyne with the nearest the pin award going to Catherine Neeson.
The Lady captain thanked all the members for their continued support in her year, thanked all the staff at the golf club with special mention to the greens staff for the magnificent condition and presentation of our wonderful course.

Open week
This week is Open week at the club and it got off to a great start on Sunday with the traditional opener The Frylite Teams Classic with 35 team competing. The winners were team Specialists Denis Porter, Kevin Keegan, Joe Doherty and George Turner with 102 pts on break of tie from the runners up Frankie Connolly, David Friel, Declan O’Hare and John McGinley, with third going to Foncie Mc Nally, Seamus mcPhilemy, Michael Forbes and Martin Elliot this team should have actually won the event recording a higher score at the Par three 16th hole than they had costing them the win.
Fourth went to Hugo mcCusker, Pat Patton John Duffy and Eugene Patton with 101 pts.
Mondays GMG Logos event saw temperatures rise even further probably affecting the level of entries with on course hot spots in excess of 35 degrees. The winner was Noel O’Kane (28) with 39 pts with John mcMenamin (23) the runner up with 38 pts third went to John Clarke (19) also with 38 pts; Paddy Kennedy claimed the gross prize with 35 gross pts.

Last Thursdays open competition was sponsored by local accountants TBF mcElholm and saw an excellent entry, the winner was Pat mcAneny (19) with 41 pts, which was good enough on break of tie from Liam mcCool (21) with Brian Cairns in third with 40 pts
The gross went to Conal Cooke with 32 gross pts.
Last Wednesday evenings mixed foursomes saw a great entry of 23 pairs with the father and daughter combination of Ben and Roisin Corry taking the honours with 32 pts Nett, The runners up were Francie Devine and Mary McCrory also with 32 pts Nett with The captain DR Ciaran Kelly and Lady Captain Annette Patton taking third place with 31.5 pts Nett.
In club representative golf this week Our Fred Daly team have advanced to the Ulster Quarter finals with a good win over North west boys they now meet Lurgan GC on Sunday at Strabane.
Our Junior Cup team bowed out of that event on Monday past going down to close neighbours City of Derry in Ballybofey.
Ann Sharkey’s intermediate Cup team have also moved into the Ulster Quarter finals with a great two leg win over Letterkenny GC.
Tickets are currently on sale at the club for the upcoming Johnny Cash show with JP MAC and his 6-piece band, a fantastic show that is selling out venues province wide, tickets are priced at £8 for members and £10 for visitors.

Thursday 11th July Strabane catering s\ford
Fri 12th Mark James Open
Sat 13th Mc Hugh’s Oil Open
Sun 14th Presidents mixed Foursomes
Mon 15th Monday Open

MK’s Bar B&B Presentation

The gross winner was Cathal Patton,forth Frankie Connolly and Fifth Martin Rouse.

The gross winner was Cathal Patton,forth Frankie Connolly and Fifth Martin Rouse.

Winners in the MK'S Bar & B&B were Damian mcCrossan (represented by Paddy mcCrossan) Joe Elliot and Nicky patton with the Club Captain DR Ciaran Kelly.

Winners in the MK’S Bar & B&B were Damian mcCrossan (represented by Paddy mcCrossan)
Joe Elliot and Nicky patton with the Club Captain DR Ciaran Kelly.

Captains BetterBall Coronation Cup 2013

Captains Betterball 27 June 13
Prize winners
1st Billy Doherty & Keith Patterson 48 pts
2nd Mickael Kelly & Gary King 44 pts BOT
3rd Dermot Corry & John McMenamin 44 pts
Gross Conor Sharkey & Francie Devine BOT