Dress Code

Members and visitors are expected to maintain a high standard of dress on the course and in the clubhouse and are asked to “dress to impress” at all times.


  • Golf shoes must be worn.
  • Singlets, sleeveless tops, football jerseys and tracksuit bottoms are not permitted.
  • Only tailored shorts, together with sport socks are allowed.


  • Dress should be neat and tidy and when receiving a prize members are expected to be smartly dressed.
  • Football jerseys & tracksuits/shellsuits are not permitted in the clubhouse
  • Tailored shorts are permitted, however the wearing of any football shorts is strictly prohibited.
  • Members are advised that the wearing of caps inside the clubhouse is also forbidden.
  • Council members and bar stewards may decide whether a person is suitably attired or not, and may ask them to rectify the matter or to vacate the course or clubhouse.

Your co-operation in this matter would be much appreciated, so that no embarrassment will be caused to anyone.

Thank you.

By order of council

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