Last Man Standing – Rules

Make one correct selection each weekend out of the featured games and you are 
through to the following week – get it wrong and you’re eliminated.

  • Based on each weeks Premier League fixtures
  • Starts Saturday 16th August 2014
  • Each week you pick one team which you think is going to win.
  • If your team wins, you are through to the next round (week).
  • If your team fails to win (i.e. loses or draws) you are eliminated. 
  • You must pick a different team every week for the duration of the competition, i.e. you cannot select a team twice. 
  • You must register the team of your choice by 9pm the night prior to the 1st kick off of that weeks fixtures.  Register your selection with your promoter by either text or email. 
  • For the midweek fixtures, choices must be registered with your promoter 3 hours prior to the 1st Game                  
  • If you fail to submit your selection, or if you pick the same team twice, or if your team’s game is called off, you will be automatically allocated the highest placed team in the league that you have not picked before. 
  • Fee is a once off £10 per entry. 
  • The last person(s) standing will share the prize fund. Prize fund will only be shared if 10 or less people remain.
  • Prize money of £1000 
  • For contact and record purposes, your promoter will need your mobile number and (if you have one) your email address.
  • Promoters who sell a minimum of ten lines will receive one free go. The promoter of the last Man/Lady standing will also receive £200 
  • The Committee’s decision is final in all instances. 
  • Coordinator: (07836643942) 

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