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Rules in Focus – No more golf balls 

There is nothing in the Rules of Golf that prevents a golfer from switching to a different brand of golf ball (i.e., from a Titleist to a Bridgestone) on every hole on the course – so long as the change is made between the play of holes. 

It is recommended that the One Ball Condition is only introduced in competitions involving expert players as most amateur golfers are not expected to have golf balls which consist entirely of the same brand and type. So, for the vast majority of play in the world there is absolutely no problem with playing different types of balls throughout the round – the balls must simply conform with the Rules (Rule 5), that is all. If you change your ball between holes there is no requirement to inform your opponent of fellow-competitors. However, it is often good practice to do so and it can avoid any unnecessary confusion later in your round.

One Ball Condition
American golfer John Daly created a bit of a stir when he walked off the course during the first round of an Australian Open at The Lakes Golf Club.  After hitting six balls into the water at the 11th, the 1995 Open Champion shook hands with playing partner Craig Parry before walking off the course claiming he had run out of golf balls.
The professionals use a “One Ball Condition” where they have to use the exact same brand and type of ball throughout the round.  For example, if they tee off the first hole with a Titleist Pro V1x, then that’s what you must play throughout the round. You may not switch to any other brand of ball, nor even to any other type of Titleist ball. You started with the Pro V1x, so the Pro V1x is what you must use on every stroke. 

Furthermore, although a player must not borrow a club from an opponent or fellow-competitor, he is allowed to borrow a golf ball. A player who runs out of balls may get a new supply from any source, provided he does not unduly delay play in the process (Rule 6-7).

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