Saturday Timesheets for 2014

Saturday Timesheets for 2014

Council has agreed that members of a fourball will be able to purchase their time on the Saturday Timesheet for £10.00 per person.

The timesheet from last year (2013) will be the starting basis for this year (2014).

Priority will be given to members wishing to retain the same time on the timesheet as last year. Requesting a change of time will be considered and accommodated if possible.

The initial setting up of the 2014 Saturday Timesheet will take place on Friday 28th February 2014 in the clubhouse between 7.00pm and 8.30pm.

 There is no need to queue! Not first come first served!

A representative of the fourball must call to the clubhouse between these times to confirm their details


Payment for the allocated times will be taken from members cards on Wednesday 12th March 2014. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds on your card.

It will be each individual member’s responsibility to remove their name from the timesheet before 10.00pm the night before play (Friday Night), if they are unable to play. Failure to remove your name may lead to your name being removed for a period of time.

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