Saturday Winter Golf Rules

Saturday Winter Golf – Non Qualifying

The following will be trialled for Saturday non-qualifying until the end of December 2012. A points deduction system for all of the prize winners will be applied as shown below. 

Place Points Deduction
1st Place 2
2nd Place 1
3rd Place ½
Gross ½

1       Players will play off their own handicap
2       Points to be ducted will be accumulative
Any Player in a prize winning position will have points deducted from their score the following week and on subsequent weeks of Saturday Non Qualifying.

Example:- If player ‘Joe Bloggs’ is placed 1st, his score the following week will be reduced by 2 points. If he is again placed 1st even with the 2 points deducted then his points deducted in subsequent weeks following his second win will have increased to 4 points. 

The committee’s decision on all matters is final


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