Leo Kavanagh Memorial Winter Cup 2012

The Leo Kavanagh Memorial

Winter Cup 2012

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The 2012 Winter Cup will run for 8 weeks from Sunday 21st October 2012 until Sunday 9th December 2012. The Draw for the first round will be made on

Wed 10th October 2012. No Entries can be accepted after this date.

 Format :-         Choose your own partner

Matches will be played based on ½ difference in handicaps.

Sections:-           There will be TWO sections (Low & High)

Each Section will be run using the Swish System of draws for each round
i.e. Top plays Top where possible

After week 6 the Top Two Pair from each section will play in the Semi-finals on week 7. The Final & play-off for Third & Fourth will be played on week 8

Those pairs remaining in the Sections after Week 6 will continue to play for 1st and 2nd in their respective sections 

Points:-               There will be 4 points for each match 
1 point for each NINE   2 points for the MATCH 

Entry:-      Entry Fee is £25.00 per pair. Each player to enter via Swipe Card on the 1st week (£12.50 each), if you have a floater on the first week please ensure you enter your ‘proper’ partner as well 

Please ensure that you have sufficient funds on your card 

Monies will be removed from the card of all those who have entered their name for the Winter Cup and have been included in the match draw for the first week of play

Presentation Date TBA
The Committee’s decision on all matters is Final

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