Ladies Camus Cup Draw

Golfer of the Year

Tuesday  April 19th 2011  

18 Hole Stroke                              Entry Fee £3.00

Please sign book and put fee in the box.   All cards must be returned.

Cards to computer please

1          M Coyne, I Duffy
2          N Brogan, M O’Reilly
3          O Turner, P Kelly, A Shortt
4          M Mc Crory, M McColgan, M Gillespie
5          A Patton, G Masterson, S Harley

1          A Shiels, L Coyne, M O’Donnell
2          C Neeson, M Bonner, D Coyle
3          J McGinley, Lady President, A Houston
4          R MacLochlain, E McMorran, T Casey
5          A Curry, R Doherty, N Mc Nally

1          Shauna Patton, O Reid, L Mc Cay
2          D Doherty, M Crowe, A Maxwell
3          Lauren Patton, I Doherty, T Logue
4          Lisa Patton, R Devenney, Donna Doherty

1          A Sharkey, G McCrory
2          J Rouse, M Casey

1          B O’Kane, C Connolly, L Duffy

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