Night Golf Update

Night Golf Rules

1 – Play all shots with your club face parallel to the glowstick in the ball ( this prevents the glowstick falling out), please check that the glowstick is secure when you are placing it on the mat.
2 – Always use your winter mat – normal winter rules apply
3 – No DRIVERS (3 woods are ok).  The ball can damage the face of the drivers
4 – Do not shine torches on the ball when hitting or putting
5 – No torches allowed on the green to read putts or when putting
6 – When leaving the green, flash your torches on and off so that the fourball  behind know when you are leaving the green.
7 – As you can see from above rules a torch is need, please bring one with you.

Please come early to get kitted out with your nightglow braclets etc..

This competition is for C.R.Y. charity.  We want people to enjoy themselves, and have a bit of fun.  But safety is our No 1 priority, please be very careful.  Make sure you stay away when people in your fourball are taking their shot.  Also make sure that the fourball in front has moved away and signalled to you, before playing your shot.

There will be entertainment by Dougie Breslin in the clubhouse afterwards, presentation should be around 11pm.

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