Section B – Winter Cup

Final & 3rd & 4th play-offs – dates to be arranged

M Baldrick & A Baldrick    v    C Duffy & A Connolly

3rd & 4th place play-off
D Corry & S MacIntyre        v    C McLaughlin & N O’Kane

Section Prizes
1st  John Brolly & Niall Coulter
2nd Paddy O’Kane & Frankie Connolly
3rd  Mickey Forbes (Snr.) & Billy Doherty

League Table – This will open a spreadsheet with update league table – Final League Table

5 Responses to “Section B – Winter Cup”

  1. n coulter says:

    no slow play john doherty you not in your taxi now

  2. J Doherty says:

    I’m a better player than you Niall!

  3. n coulter says:

    still think you are better then me john the table doesnt lie

  4. J Doherty says:

    Big John carried you Niall, play me for £50

  5. n coulter says:

    any day john

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