Junior Summer Timetable


Wed 21st July      Paul O’Hare – singles s/f 18 holes                       £2.00
Wed 28th July     Singles s/f 18 holes                                                  £2.00
Wed 4th Aug        Daily Telegraph – singles s/f 18 holes                £2.00
Wed 11th Aug      St Mary’s Boys School – singles s/f 18 holes    £2.00
Wed 18th Aug      Customized Training Services – Open s/f 18 holes   £3.00
Wed 25th Aug      Back to School – singles s/f 18 holes                  £2.00

  • A timesheet will be displayed for each of the above competitions – put your name on timesheet
  • On the day of competition – enter your name in the competition book and put money in the junior box
  • All of the above competitions will count towards Golfer of the Year points

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  1. ciaran martin says:

    i am thinking of joing the back to school junior competition on wednesday 25th augest
    but i dont know what time it starts at
    so if you casn tell me all the info on it please

    thank you
    ciaran martin

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