Team Challenge 2010

The first round of  this year’s Team Challenge was held on Sunday 25th April.

Top 4 teams were
1st Haughey’s Costcutters
2nd Tommy Forbes Catering
3rd Toots Takes All
4th Frylite I

Draw for Round 1
Game 1  Sweeno McGinty v Felix’s Bar – Felix’s Bar won 3 games to 2
Game 2  Fox Lodge v Castlefinn – Castlefinn won 3 games to 2
Game 3  Dixies v Frylite II – Dixies won 3 games to 2
Game 4  Friable v Golf Club – Friable won 3 games to 2
Winners advance into quarter finals with top 4 teams.

Quarter Final Draw and Tee-off Times
Haughey’s Costcutters  v  Felix’s Bar – Haughey’s Costcutters won 3 games to 1
Tommy Forbes Catering  v  Castlefinn –  Tommy Forbes Catering won 3 games to 1
Toots Takes All  v  Dixies – Dixes won after going to extra holes
Frylite I  v  Friable – Frylite won 3-2 after going to extra holes
Winners advance into semi-finals

Semi Final Draw
Haughey’s Costcutters v Frylite I – Haughey’s Costcutters won 4 – 1
Tommy Forbes Catering  v  Dixies – Tommy Forbes Catering won 3-2

Haughey’s Costcutters v Tommy Forbes Catering – Tommy Forbes Catering won 4-1
Congratulations to Tommy Forbes Catering for winning Team Challenge 2010

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